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We work with the nation’s top trainers who are ready and eager to teach you everything you need to know to become the best. This year, we are offering Light Duty training and Traffic Incident Management training (TIM) throughout the country.

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Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Training


This incident management training class provides first responders a shared understanding of the requirements for safe, quick clearance of traffic incident scenes; prompt, reliable and open communication; and motorist and responder safeguards. This course is being required throughout the US for towing providers that participate in law enforcement tow rotation.

This training covers many TIM recommended procedures and techniques, including:

  • TIM Fundamentals and Terminology
  • Notification and Scene Size-Up
  • Safe Vehicle Positioning
  • Scene Safety
  • Command Responsibilities
  • Traffic Management
  • Special Circumstances
  • Clearance and Termination

Light Duty Level 1 Towing and Recovery Training and Certification

This Light Duty Level 1 Certification course is a 16 hour program approved by the California Highway Patrol’s Rotation Tow program.The course introduces students to the proper use of light duty towing and recovery equipment and acceptable standards in the industry. Benefit from from 8 hours of classroom instructions and 8 hours of hands on demonstrations that is aimed to benefit both new and experienced tow truck operators.

Subject that are covered include:

  • Truck Inspection and Maintenance
  • Ratings and Tow Capacities
  • Basic Roll-over and Recovery Techniques
  • Scene Incident Management
  • Calculating Recovery Resistance
  • Towing and Transport Techniques
  • Tow Dollies
  • Winches and Wire Ropes

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